A new apex predator lands in 2024

Guarding your outdoor living spaces against all species
of biting mosquitoes.

Armed with an array of tools to aid in its mission,
this mosquito assassin learns as it hunts,
getting more effective over time.

Are you ready to take back the outdoors?


The F1 of Mosquito Traps

The Mantis is built for one thing, to kill as many mosquitos as possible, as quickly as possible. Easy to set up, simple to operate, the Mantis requires minimal attention.

Just check on your new best friend every so often to empty out the dead mosquitoes. Feed them to your fish, fertilize your garden with them, honestly once they are caught our job is done but we’re sure you’ll figure it out!


Made in Arizona

The Mantis is manufactured completely in-house by our amazing team. We enjoy our mosquito free backyards, and are excited to spread the joy.

Together we can enjoy the outdoors

Out Camping

Enjoy a mosquito free environment when camping or overlanding. Runs directly from most battery backups and 12V vehicle batteries. 

At Home

Keep mosquitoes away from your home altogether. Spend more time in that beautiful backyard, or at least have a reason to re-decorate the backyard!

No chemicals Necessary

Stop spraying mysterious pesticides on yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and your yard. The Mantis uses a combination of recycled CO2 and botanical derived baits to carry out its mission.

Safe around children and pets, you can reclaim your outdoor space without turning it into a toxic mess. The non-target insects will thank you too!

Machine Learning Algorithms

The Mantis is equipped with an array of tools to attract Mosquitoes, and a suite of sensors to understand how well it is working. The Mantis possesses a specialized sensor that can not only detect how many insects it is catching, but differentiate between target & non-target insects. 

The mantis adjusts parameters constantly to target active species of biting mosquitoes in the specific region you live. These mosquito traps can share information with neighboring traps (optional) to increase their capture rate. 

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Imagine Mosquito Free Cities

Out on the town

Concerts, restaurants, stadiums, parks, without a single mosquito in sight. Increasing foot traffic for local businesses. Explore your city like never before, with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones won’t be bitten.


On a serious note, the unhoused populations of major cities benefit from reduced mosquito populations. Reducing the likelihood for the spread of diseases such as Malaria and Zika. 

Ready to join us?

Tell your family, tell your neighbors, heck you can even let complete strangers know about the Mantis!

If they ask if this is about some “Multi-level-marketing” type company let them know the levels are built from dead mosquitoes and see if that changes their tune. 

If that still doesn’t do the trick you can also just tell them no.

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