Arizona Joins the Fight

While the Spotted Lantern Fly has not yet spread to our home state, we understand the detrimental impact this invasive species will have on our desert ecosystem. We are not willing to wait to combat this invasive insect when it is at our doorstep, the time to fight is now.

Scorpion-01 Version 2.4!

Thanks to the feedback from our wonderful community of customers we have made some major improvements to the Scorpion-01 SLF trap. 

Upgrades Include:

  • Integrated Cord Mount | Minimizes Damage to trees and structures, adjustable for a wide range of tree diameters. 
  • New Catch Bag | A much larger bag with a zippered side to make emptying dead SLFs easier & hygienic. No need to disassemble the catch bag to empty anymore!
  • Redesigned Trap Geometry | Catch path has been redesigned to dramatically improve effectiveness for instar 3 and adult SLFs. The new geometry also prevents water ingress into the catch bag from rain.
  • 40% Larger | To accommodate Instar 1-3, and late season adult male & female SLFs. 
  • Pre-Installed Mesh Funnel | We now pre-install all mesh funnels on our end to make installation even easier.

All customers who purchased a V1 trap in 2023, please use the contact form below to request a free upgrade to V2.4 as a thank you for your support!

Why do we 3D Print our traps?

The SLF is a tricky insect to trap, and creating a device that will work for all stages of the SLF life cycle is a challenge. We 3D print our SLF products to enable our small two person team to make improvements rapidly. We listen closely to the feedback from our customers and continually improve our designs to be easier to install, more effective, and reduce plastic waste.

The 2023 Season is the first time we have had SLF traps on the market. We are focused on refining our SLF circle trap this season, with the goal of launching a cost-reduced injection molded version for the 2024 season. We are actively exploring options to reduce our costs and extend those savings to our customers. 

We are currently fulfilling orders as quickly as we can manufacture the Scorpion-01, in the off-season we will be diligently working to stock Amazon warehouses in effected states with traps to make Amazon Prime shipping an option for the 2024 season.

Know the Enemy

The Spotted LanternFly was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014, it has since spread to 14 states and growing. It has no natural predators in the US making it a particularly difficult invasive species to combat. The exudate from the insect creates a black soot-like mold which can damage the native species they feed on. SLFs affect fruit crops and grapes in particular, severely damaging fruit orchards and vineyard operations. 


They come in Waves

One of the difficulties in combating this species is that many people don’t yet know what they look like during their life-cycle. Called “instars” these developmental stages progress from eggs, to a small black insect with white spots, to black/red with white spots, and finally the adult form. Capturing and/or killing this insect at any stage is necessary. Preventing as many adult SLFs from mating and laying eggs is critical to begin reducing the population. 


Why do we care?

It is well known that Arizona is home to an array of insects, animals, and plants that sport an impressive array of armor & weapons to defend themselves. However as hardy as Arizona wildlife can be, it recovers at an extremely slow rate. What most people do not realize until visiting Arizona is the diversity of terrain & creatures living within. Deserts, Forests, Snow capped mountains, and over 120 lakes. If we want to help preserve our wilderness we have to lend a hand to states currently affected to have a chance to keep these insects at bay.

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