Projects In Development

We believe trust is earned which is why we share our in-development projects with the community. We are constantly working to design and develop new products and rely on feedback from real-world testing of our prototypes. We work with users from all walks of life who share a common goal, to venture into the wilderness with tools they can rely on. Want to join our expanding list of product testers? Have a question or suggestion? Feel free to reach out!

BOA Webbing Hardware

One thing that seems to always hold true, your gear will fail at the worst possible time. Will that strap tensioner on your backpack fail at home? No it will fail when you are 10 miles into a trail. We set out to produce webbing hardware that is at home both sewn into new products or installed by the consumer to get their soft goods back in action. Each D-ring weighs in at under 0.4 Grams and will be offered in three colors to start. 

Our customers asked for more BOA CAM buckle configurations, and we listened! It felt wrong to purchase off-the-shelf D-rings to incorporate into our completely in-house CNC machined CAM buckles. We are committed to launching a full lineup of webbing hardware for WDIO products. 

We would love to hear from the community, what hardware do you wish existed for soft goods? What have you broken on the trail and wished you had a repair kit for?

Portable Charcoal Konro Grill

Arizona has many things to offer, but sadly an authentic Yakitori establishment is hard to come by. So we felt it was time to change that, and start cooking our own. A Konro grill fits perfectly into any overlanding kit and opens up a new culinary frontier. 

We love to use this grill as the centerpiece on our camping table, with everyone roasting their own skewers of wonder; Cooked just to their liking. We’ve cooked Steak, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Peppers, and an arsenal of vegetables. If you can figure out how to skewer something, you can cook it to perfection on this grill. And if you can’t find a way to skewer it, just throw on the grill top and cook it the old fashioned way!

Our Konro grill was engineered for optimal passive airflow to keep your charcoal burning hot for hours.  With folding legs and handles it packs into a small form factor for transit. Delicious skewers of smokey wonder can be in your future as soon as we finish field trials!

Recycled Flat Pack Table

One of the essentials for camping is to Leave no Trace, whatever we bring with us into the wild should come with us when we leave. But what happens to all the waste we create not only when camping but in our daily lives?

We’re on a mission to reduce our environmental impact as a manufacturer and this product is the first product fully manufactured out of 100% recycled HDPE. Made from plastic collected from our team and our community we are excited to launch this product.

Coloring will vary and we are still experimenting with the patterns we can create. Stay tuned for more information!

Chlorine Generator

Alright look we live in a desert, one of the most precious resources when venturing off into the arid landscape is drinkable water. While we have access to a variety of water filtration and chemical treatment options, many citizens of lesser fortunate countries do not have these options. We wanted to develop a tool for producing sanitized water anywhere on earth. 

The chlorine generator uses an electrolysis process combined with saline to generate low concentration chlorine bleach that can be used to disinfect large volumes of water. Simply fill the vial with salt water, plug the device into any power source (12v to 60v DC), press the button, and wait for the green flashing light. 

Comes with a saline bottle with measuring marks, replaceable Nalgene chlorine production tube, and opaque chlorine storage bottle. 

Solar Generator

We travel to parts unknown for many reasons, and having access to reliable power on demand is crucial for mission success. When we are off on photography adventures our solar generator keeps our gear at full power, when the temperatures drop we can run our tent heaters, and if we are stuck we know our satellite phones are full charged.  

With integrated MPPT solar charging (Max 900W, 12-60V Input), USB charging (4x USB-A, 4x USB-C PD), 4 x 12VDC Outputs, 2 x 120VAC Outputs, and battery monitoring; This Solar enabled backup battery will keep your off-grid power needs at bay. When the case is latched it provides IP67 protection to ensure your power supply survives the harsh outdoor conditions.

Capacity Options: 1200W, 2000W, 2500W
Status: Prototyping and Field Testing 

Subne7 Communications

We often find ourselves far out of cell range, and we do it on purpose. However staying in communication with our adventure buddies is vital to survival. This device is designed to provide multiple spectrum communication when paried with an Android or IoS smartphone. Providing for communications over long distances (15-50kM) or within congested areas. Turn Subne7 on and toss it in your bag for peace of mind knowing you can reach your loved ones in case of an emergency.

Subne7 devices are useful for communicating at crowded events, after damaging natural disasters, or between your home base when out exploring. 

Status: Development unit field testing, mobile app development

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